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Pedestrianization of the city center

jaime_estevez jaime_estevez  •  13/11/2017  •    13 Comentarios  • 

The downtown streets that have been pedestrianized (Arenal, Fuencarral ...) have become a social and commercial success. It is clear that citizens demand this type of space.

I propose to deepen this trend, and do it only in the center, but also in the neighborhoods around the main nerve centers or commercial centers.

In the center would be very welcome the pedestrianization of the main street, a place with a large influx of public and emblematic places for its history and architecture, which is unworthy of small sidewalks and the endless noise of cars that have taken over our city.

Also from the Paseo del Prado: have you imagined when walking around that there were no cars? How would it become one of the best streets in the world to walk and enjoy the museums, the botanist, the trees ...? Traffic could be buried if those communications were necessary, but that space should return to citizens.

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  • ML Sanchez
    ML Sanchez  • 13/11/2017 21:54:49

    Why do you write in English? Spanish is the official language in Spain, and therefore in Madrid. Tourists can't vote in this page. On the other hand, and per my own experience of living in the central area of Madrid, the moment a street becomes a pedestrian street, the neighbours leave the street (no one lives there anymore, tourists don't count as neighbours). Great commercial success, big social failure! ¿Cuantos vecinos quedan empadronados en Preciados, Arenal, Hortaleza..? Los apartamentos turisticos no cuentan.

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